Decorative Rock

There are many sizes and colors of rock to choose from for walkways, borders, and driveways. To customize your landscape, see our display areas to find the product best suited for you.

  • Decorative look accents grass, trees, walls, etc.
  • Low maintenance after installation
  • Economy (especially when used in problem soil areas)
  • Ease and speed of installation, with minimal preparation
  • Multiple use (areas covered with decorative rock my be driven on or parked on
  • No water use, perfect for arid climate, or water restricted areas

Arizona Decorative River Rock

Auburn Brown Decorative Rock

Crescent Gold Decorative Rock

Desert Rose Decorative Rock

Mahogany Decorative Rock

Red Granite Decorative Rock

Regal Mist Decorative Rock

Burgundy Decorative Rock

Spring Mountain White Decorative Rock

Tequila Rose Decorative Rock

Tuscan Rose Decorative Rock

Vista Gold Decorative Rock

White Quartz Decorative Rock

White Quartz

White Quartz

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